Wednesday, August 8, 2018

15 Tips for a Healthier Life

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Good morning! I hope that your week is going well. Mine has been busy and stressful, consequently I have found myself waking up at 2:30 and then laying in bed fretting over things. Sometimes I go back to sleep and other times I just get up for the day and of course the rest of the week I am dragging.

The older I get the more I realize how important it is to stay healthy.  As much as I would like to eat my favorite foods, pizza, pasta and cheese daily and skip the gym I actually feel bad when I make bad food choices and I feel worse when I am a slug.

I put together a list of 15 things things to help you life a healthier life.   Let me say that I am not a doctor, nor am I am medical professional so always consult your own doctor before changing your health routine.

15 Tips for a Healthy Life

1. Water. Wake up every morning and drink a glass of water, plain is fine but with the juice of a lemon is even better. It cleanses your body and keeps you hydrated which make your skin soft and your body feel great. I drink a glass in the morning a bottle while I am at yoga and then I keep a glass by every sink so that every time I wash my hands I am reminded to drink a glass then as well. I also carry this water bottle in the car so that I am not tempted while out to get a sugary drink.

2. Walking. Get up and out! They say you should walk 10,000 steps a day minimum. I wear my Fitbit all the time so that I can keep track of wether or not I am moving enough which is sometimes a challenge when you work from home. And sometimes my husband and I use it to challenge ourselves, one day last year we challenged ourselves to walk 20 miles on a Saturday. We did it and to be honest, it was definitely a struggle but it was a great accomplishment for us.  At the end of the day, you have to "move it or lose it." Walking not only benefits your body but it is great for the mind as well. Make sure to wear comfortable shoes and to have at least 2 pairs so that you can alternate wearing them every other day which is supposed to help with foot injuries.

3. Attitude and gratitude. They say attitude is everything, if you wake up everyday thinking you are going to have a bad day, you will. Change your attitude and you will change your life. You could start your day with this Two Minute Morning Journal which I love and find to be a great way to start the day. Be grateful, maybe even write in a gratitude journal each evening as you wind down,  because even on the worse day you can find 3 things to be grateful for.  Love your life, its the only one you have

4. Stay in the present, do not worry about the past or the future. This is easier said than done and it is one of the hardest things for me because I have a lot of anxiety. I worry about everything, if I have something going on in my life I have to mull over every angle, and scenario when the problem or situation eventually resolves itself I think back and realize I wasted my time. Yoga has helped me a lot with this because it quiets my mind and keeps me in the present (at least for the hour I am in class).

5. Sleep. You need to get at least 8 hours of sleep a day so that your body can rejuvenate and heal. Lack of sleep effects your mind and your body, it can obviously cause fatigue so make sure to get all the rest your body need.

Interesting article: 11 Things That Happen When you Do Not Get Enough Sleep.

6. Say yes to chocolate, research shows that even a little bit of chocolate can boost your mood. I like to sit and enjoy a cup of hot chocolate, not only does it make me feel good but often I do it while reading a book and that relaxes me as well. 

7. Get outside, not only  for your daily dose of vitamin D but for overall wellness to boost your mood and energy.

8. Stretch, it boosts circulation and digestion.

9. Balance, it is one of the first things you loose as you age so it is important to work on it while you still can. I like to balance on 1 foot, like a flamingo, while I brush my teeth. If you feel unsteady at first, gently rest your hand on the counter.

10. Proper dental hygiene. Keeping your teeth healthy is incredibly important and believe it or not most people do not brush their teeth correctly or for a long enough period of time. You need to brush for at least 2 minutes and you need to brush your teeth, gums, roof of mouth and your tongue.

Fall Cob Salad

11. East Something green at every meal

12. Work life balance. Don't work your life away more often than not it doesn't make a difference in your job and it takes a huge toll on your health, relationships and life. 

13. Develop good relationships with your friends and family, and get rid of toxic people. Life is short and spending time with people that you enjoy makes your happy, and boosts your mood.

14. Do self checks, check your breasts for lumps and your body for moles an spots. 

15. Laugh and cry. Crying and laughing both heal the body and laughing can boost your mood and immune system so get online and watch a few crazy dog videos.

What do you do to stay healthy? Please share your health and wellness tips with us. 

Have a great day. 

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  1. Great post... Lots of inspiration! I love salads; the one pictured above I looks delicious! I hope your week is going well. Hugs! (If this is a duplicate, feel free to discard. I'm still having issues commenting)

  2. Goodness !! 20 MILES !!!
    We walk a 3-mile track around Memorial Park which is just a few minutes from my house, and we walk fast, but I know there is NO way I could do 20. Loved the water suggestions, about having a designated container, as I'm certain I won't buy little plastic bottles again. I love Evian from the larger bottles, but your little container is so pretty. Lemon Water. Everyone says this, so now I'm gonna do it. Thank you for visiting me and leaving the comment. I am so sad for those young people and their families. So sad. They were just so full of life and goodness. I simply cannot imagine anyone who would take this kind of violence against people they did not know. Say a prayer. xx's

  3. Great reminders Elizabeth. I walk 5 miles daily along the shore and you are right how great it makes one feel. Hope you are having a great summer. Sleep well tonight.
    Helen xx


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