Thursday, August 9, 2018

Summer Memories

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Do you ever eat something and it immediately transports you back time to a happy place? Yesterday I ate a the most beautiful peach, it was a perfect specimen of orange, red and pale yellow with a layer of fuzz. I saw it from across the room in my fruit basket and it was as if it beaconed me over. I picked it up, smelled it and I felt a niggling of something in my mind. Then I took a bite and as the juices flowed down my hand and I savored the sweet flavors I was instantly transported to long ago summers with my siblings when we lived in Michigan and would go peach picking with my grandmother, aunts and cousins. As we lived in Michigan we would wait for them to come and visit from Wisconsin and then we would all load up in my Aunt's van and go off for the day picking peaches.

I cannot remember where we went but I remember walking in the orchards with my cousins, the sweet smell all around and the hum of buzzing bee's on the fallen fruit. We picked bushels of fruit, let me rephrase that, my aunts, grandmother and mom picked lots of fruit that was to be canned at a later date, my siblings and I ate our weight in fruit. 

Just thinking about this makes me smile and transports me to lighter, happy days. I wish that my grandmother were here so that we could laugh about those days and all of the other antics my siblings and I got up to.

What is your favorite summer memory? A camping trip? A bbq? Time with family or something else?

I hope that you enjoy your day and make a summer memory to remember.


  1. ELIZABETH! I'm computer doesn't seem to be able to catch your comments page, but I'm in! OK, I am going to email you. But before I do, let me just say that your peachy theme here is refreshing in so many ways. The color, the taste (though we haven't had a chance to enjoy good peaches this year) and your beautiful "close" to summer are a sweet way to prepare for school. I am coming to you via email. Thank you for visiting my blog.

  2. I can't even remember the last time I ate a peach. I need to go to a farmer's market and see about getting some. Although I'm having some dental issues and the last thing I need would be to accidentally bite into the pit!

  3. Elizabeth, I love peaches! This has not been a great year for them here. I've been able to find a few at Whole Foods, but not as yummy as those fresh from the tree. Strawberies and tomatoes send me down memory lane. Both my grand-dad and my dad knew their secrets. Thanks for sharing your lovely memory. Happy Thursday! (Not sure this will post)

  4. It's been ages since I've last had a peach.

  5. My absolute favorite summer dessert is a grilled peach with a little ice cream! Heavenly!

  6. Spending time on my Uncles yacht in CATALINA!
    YOU have fixed MY PROBLEM for the comments!!!!I checked before typing!!!!!!!


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