Thursday, September 20, 2018

Life Lately...

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You cannot make this day yesterday. I am currently having the master bathroom remodeled and after two days of work and barking dogs(mine) from 7:30-4:30 I told the contractors I had an appointment yesterday morning( I lied because I wanted to go to yoga), they could not start until 8:45. They said they would let me know the estimated time of arrival for the day by 6:30 am.

I was awoken at 5:00 by my pups to go out and eat breakfast. They refuse to use the back fenced in area when its raining, so I let them out the front, typically they mill around the yard in the rain, do their business and come back in, not this day though. They took off after a fox. I proceeded to get them back, in the dark, in my pj's and in the rain, without waking the entire neighborhood. Let me say this, it wasn't easy without screaming at the top of my lungs and wanting to murder them.

I went back to bed to be awoken by the contractor at 6:30, who was incredibly chipper, to let me know they would arrive at 11:30. Fell back to sleep again only to wake up after my alarm. Running around like a chicken with my head cut off to get to my class on time I accidentally set off the house alarm. After giving the alarm company the wrong secret code twice I finally got it right and managed to convince them not to send the police. I rushed off to yoga to have an hour of peace while getting my butt kicked. I then ran two errands, the home to jump in the shower only to hear the dogs barking and door bell ringing, the plumbers are early! I ran up the back staircase jumped into some clothes and ran down the front staircase sopping wet to let in the contractors. They check out the bathroom and ask me what they are there for? Seriously? Then they tell me they are going on lunch and will be back in an hour. All the while my two pups are barking as loud as they can.

The plumbers come back and get to work, after an hour I hear a loud bang, broken glass and yelling. Then I hear an argument and a bunch of expletives and finally one of the men comes down and asks me to come upstairs. Upon entering the room I discover a pile of stuff and glass, everything on top of the dresser, which was on the opposite wall of the shower that was being re-plumbed, was broken and on the floor, including a favorite oil painting, a lamp and a vintage blown glass dome filled with antique fishing floats that I collected over the last 5 years.

After many apologies we get it cleaned up and the contractor shows up, he has already been briefed and has been online trying to replace the damaged goods. Many apologies later the contractor leaves and the plumbers resume their work moving the shower and pipes. The next thing I know all of the fire alarms in the house are going off. I run up stairs and ask what the problem is and they look at me with black stares, I explain the situation and everyone starts running around trying to figure out the problem as they had just been welding. We cut off the breaker and the ear splitting noise stops for a minute and then starts again, all 15 of the alarms going off at a deafening rate. I am starting to panic a little because if I cut off the breaker and they are still going off surely there is a problem?

Everyone grabs a broom and we proceed to jab the alarms to dislodge the batteries. I hit the one in the room under the shower and water pours out on my head. Plumbers run back up the stairs to take care of the water leak.

Needless to say by the time they left at 4:15 I was on my last never. Everything is ok and there is no damage, the bathroom is looking fabulous and it getting tiled tomorrow!

Note: For those wondering the photo above is something I found on Pinterest, not my bathroom inspiration but something similar. My bath has penny round tiles on the floor of the shower, white subway tile showerblack and white tile floors, white counters, board and batten around the tub, similar mirrors and chrome hardware, vanity fixtures and sconces. A traditional white bath fitting the style of the home. 


  1. What a day! You have an alarm under your shower? Maybe you should hire a different bunch. By the way, I get your blog updates by email and this time when I clicked over to your blog, it said: Page Not Found. Don't know what's going on there. I just clicked on your home page and got here.

  2. Good god, that is not a day you want to repeat!

  3. Good Grief !!!!!!
    This would be a good time to go out of town.


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