Friday, November 16, 2018

Friday Favorites from Cooking for Keeps, Inspired By Charm, Sugar and Soul, Cosy Kitchen and More

Good morning! It has been a heartbreaking week for all of those who have lost their loved ones and everything they own in the fires in California. I am heartbroken to see so many people and animals suffering. I do not even know how to go about helping, if you know of a charity that is helping please let me know. 

Next week is Thanksgiving and then it seems like warp speed ahead to Christmas, I am really trying to savor this time as it is my favorite time of the year and I do not want to miss it. I hope that you are as well. 

At Thanksgiving dinner I typically skip the turkey, and ham and go right for the side dishes. Wild rice, broccoli,  fluffy yeast rolls and of course mashed potatoes and gravy.  If you like mashed potatoes as well and would like to know how to make the creamiest mashed potatoes check out this post from Cooking for Keeps.

These Stuffed mini pumpkins from Inspired by Charm are a great side to make for your Thanksgiving meal.

Image Sugar & Soul

Thanksgiving Punch from Sugar and Soul is fun drink to serve over the holidays.

Fall Stew and Cauliflower Mash from Cosy Kitchen

If you get tired of Thanksgiving food this Fall Stew and Cauliflower Mash from the Cosy Kitchen looks delicious. 

Pumpkin Pie White Hot Chocolate is a delicious treat for chilly days. 

Interesting Reading

Have you heard of The Cheese Nun? If not read all about her, so interesting. 


I love this series, Dream of Italy

If you think cooking Thanksgiving is a lot of work than you will like Fannie's Last Supper.


I just got this burger book for my husband. 

Pre-ordered this book from one of my favorite authors. 


Cute cape and its only $26.00. 

Or this one from Talbots which I believe you can get on Black Friday for 50% off one item.

My new favorite perfume.

These slippers are gorgeous! They are from Anthropologie. 

These cute nesting dolls would make a great stocking stuffer. 

I hope that you have a safe and happy weekend. As always, if you found a book, podcast, recipe, great gift idea or something else you think we might enjoy pleas share. 


  1. OH Elizabeth..this just made my day..what a beautiful and delicious post of everything holiday!!!!

  2. The fall stew looks good.

    As far as California goes, the Red Cross is the first organization that comes to mind. Second, putting pressure on Congress through phone and email to bypass the individual currently in the Oval Office and help California, both with resources for the efforts against the fire, and for those who have been affected. While that individual clearly shows he has no regard for anyone but himself, those Congressmen and women have a responsibility to take this seriously, and constant pressure from their constituents can remind them of that fact.

  3. I read somewhere this week (was it here?) to focus on appetizers and desserts. That may be my plan!


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