Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Life Lately...January

Good morning! I hope the New Year is going well for you. Life lately here has been busy, chaotic, frustrating and exciting. This past summer my husband and I decided that we should downsize and move one last time; from that came many more discussions as to where, when and what we wanted. As we have both been out of the Midwest for many, many years we ruled that out, even though that is where most of our family is. Then we pondered a move to several states that we had in the past visited and loved but did not have any connections. We also thought about staying where we are but after an exhaustive search we could not find anything that we liked and it is also no where near family which we put as the top of our list as a reason for moving.  We have finally narrowed down our search and have had our house on the market since December 1st. I am still unsure if that was a good idea because I feel as if I "missed Christmas" with the staging, photo shoot, and the showings my life has been in limbo this past month. Although I baked between showings, I wasn't able to decorate as I normally do and to be honest that had me feeling a little down. With the start of the new year I am invigorated and ready for new adventures to come. Hopefully soon a new house will be found and the house here will be sold. In the meantime I am purging my shelves and closets and feeling all the better for it. What has been going on in your life lately?

Have a great day!


  1. Good for you to downsize now. Too often people put it off and become hostage to their stuff. You are young enough to establish roots in a new place. And purging is wonderful. I'm curious to hear where you end up.

  2. I'm curious as to where you decided to move? In 2010, after several years of research my husband and I took the adventurous plunge and moved from New Mexico to the Republic of Panama. It was a glorious, 2 year "vacation" however , with the untimely death of my husband, I moved back to NM. Going forward, now 5 years after his death, I find myself experiencing that feeling of travel lust. With my only grandson on the cusp of manhood and contemplating a Navy career, I may just start exploring my possibilities. Good luck to you guys!

  3. Best of luck Elizabeth with your new house search!!

  4. Downsizing was not what i expected to do four years ago but circumstances showed us it was the only viable path. From 2400 sq ft to 1200 in one move we strained at the lack of space at first but now love our smaller carbon footprint. Less to clean. Less to heat/cool. Less stuff! It is a little intimidating at the outset but you will find a smaller "nest" is much easier to live in now that it is "empty". Good luck with your sale!


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