Thursday, April 11, 2019

Life Lately...April

Good morning! I cannot believe that Easter is just 10 days away, where is the time going? Sometimes it feels as if time goes so much faster as I age, does anyone else feel like that? The weather here has been crazy, one day 85 then next in the 40's. One day sunny and the next monsoon like rain blowing sideways and winds that seem as if they will sheer off the roof. It is pollen season, everything is green, cars, outdoor furniture and everything in the house if you leave the windows open overnight. Thankfully I do not have allergies. Everything seems to be coming alive, there are buds and bees everywhere, and of course a few weeds. 

Family update: My mother is doing great, she is up and about and can even drive short distances. Her shoulder is still a little painful, perhaps from the therapy and her wrist is healing well. In fact she should get her cast off in another week. My mother-in-law is finally moved into her new, much smaller house. She is still working with her kids and step-kids to get the old homestead emptied and ready for sale, hopefully that will be soon. My father-in-law seems stronger, but unfortunately at 92 he is sometimes confused and that is heartbreaking. I say this all of the time, it is so hard to live far away from family, especially when you want to be there to help but you cannot. 

The Tulip

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I am tired of the continued changes on Instagram and Pinterest and find myself spending much more time reading. I have always been a voracious reader, and used to read a book about every other day, now I am reading about 3 a week. In the last few days I read The Red Address Book(which I loved) and The Coincidence of Coconut Cake, which was set in my beloved Milwaukee. 

I was quite a slug this winter, other than getting out of bed to go to yoga every day I really "let myself go" as they say and am trying to get back into my routine of working out. It is no joke that as you age, especially once you are in menopause, things go wonky. I gained 3 pounds this winter, although I feel as if I gained about 15 lbs. and none of my clothes fit. What the heck? I have also found as I age that I have a few food intolerance's, for instance I can no longer drink milk, or eat bread. Let me just say that my morning chocolat chaud doesn't taste the same made with almond or cashew milk. Is anyone else having these problems or is it just me? Have you any suggestions or workouts that you like?

Enough whining,  I am excited for warmer weather, getting out on my paddle board and upcoming guests who will be coming over the next few months. I am looking forward to celebrating Easter and enjoying Holy week. 

How are things going in your life lately? Have you found yourself coming out of hibernation from a long winter? Have you been doing anything fun or interesting this week? If so please share. 

I hope that you have a great day!


  1. I just saw photos of the pollen over North Carolina. Incredible.
    While we outgrow some childhood allergies, we can get new allergies when we age. There isn't a lot of research on it. I had been using a face cream for decades, and then, boom, my face blew up like a red, itchy balloon. I've had to switch to a hypoallergenic cream.
    Re bread, do you have the same thing when you make your own? Industrial bread is so full of chemicals, which might be the real culprit.

  2. I too read a book every other day. I never did Instagram. I still do Pinterest though. I never really got into FB or Twitter. I put my posts sometimes on FB, and that's it. Reading is much more soothing. I read at night.

  3. Oh, the snow is still around here. We had a heavy snowfall a couple of days ago.

  4. Oh my gosh Elizabeth...I have noticed the same we age, our food preferences certainly do too....aging parents that do not live close is a huge challenge...hang in there...both of these books sound very always, thank you for blogging and sharing! Hugs!


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