Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Life Lately

Good morning! It has been a busy few days, we have friends in town from Spain and my husband has co-workers here for the week both for meetings and a little fun. We have been entertaining everyday, at home and out on the town so things on the blog have taken a back seat. Not to mention the fact that we are in the process of unpacking and moving. We are actually moving back into our own house. 

After years of debating we decided to downsize this past summer.  We found the perfect house in the cutest town and went home to ready our own house. In December we put our house on the market and a few days later we got an offer, unfortunately we could not come to an agreement so we tabled the discussion until mid-January. After a couple of weeks of negotiations we had an offer, so we made an offer on the house we wanted, and the owners of that house made an offer on their home of choice. We had a home inspection on our "new" house, started packing up our valuables, books and things we did not want the movers to do and were ready for a new start in a new state. Then a few days later our buyers backed out of our deal. Although we were a little distressed we weren't too worried about finding a buyer as the "prime time " to sell was fast approaching, after several showings we found out that the owners of the house we were buying changed their mind and decided not to sell for another 2-3 years when they retire. That unfortunately took the wind out of our sails as they say because now we had no where to go. So we took our current house off the market and are now unpacking and moving back house. 

The good thing is that after not living with a lot our our stuff for the past few months we realize that we didn't miss it. So as we unpack I am being very careful about the items coming back into the house and giving some things to family and friends, and donating a lot of stuff to charity. We are going to stay put for another 2-3 years and might still end up in the house we picked out because the owners are going to let us know when they are ready to sell. 

In the meantime, we are getting ready to do the last 2 projects that we had left on our list here so it is going to be a busy summer with contractors, traveling and lots of visitors here. 

What have you been up to lately? Do you have any projects scheduled for the summer or fun trips?

Have a great day!


  1. Wow...Elizabeth...that is a bit overwhelming. We stated to ourselves the move back to Texas from Maine would be our final move. I am hoping that is true but you never know when retirement comes, what will become necessary. I like the idea of living with less some day. I know this situation must have been hard. When the time is right, things will go smoother for you.

  2. What a rollercoaster, Elizabeth! Selling/buying a house is stressful enough but when you have these hiccups it must be super stressful. As my Mom used to say... everything happens for a reason. Easy for me to say! Enjoy your week unpacking!

  3. How terribly frustrating that must have been! I haven't been involved in a homs sale in some years, but I recall how all that worked. It's like a stack of dominoes.

  4. I can see that having had been frustrating.


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