Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Never Forget

Today is the 18th anniversary of September 11, 2001 the day two planes flew into the World Trade Center, one plane flew into the Pentagon and a fourth plane crashed into a field in Pennsylvania, and the day that 2,977 people lost their lives. 

There is now an entire generation of people who really does't know about 911, and by that I mean they do not know it was the end of innocence for this country, they don't know how the country united if only for a little while. 

We will never forget the tragedy, the sacrifice and all who lost their lives. 


  1. It was the end of innocence everywhere. I used to live just a block away from the towers, but I was already in Europe on 9/11. Watching it happen on TV and talking to colleagues in NY who had to be evacuated was wrenching, and the worst was when they actually fell. Or was it? Maybe the worst was everything that happened after.

  2. They don't know what life was like before that day.


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