Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Homemade Cranberry Liqueur

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Good morning! I hope that your week is starting out well. Mine has been great. I have been wrapping Christmas gifts, have baked a few treats for Thanksgiving, and made some cranberry cordial. This cranberry cordial perfect for Thanksgiving, holiday parties, Christmas brunch, not to mention giving as a hostess gift or in a gift basket. 

The good news is that the cordial is easy to make and delicious. I will be serving it with champagne for Christmas brunch, like a Kir Royale and putting it in several gift baskets for those people in my life who "have everything" but love homemade treats. 

Cranberry Cordial 
Recipe from New England Today


6 cups inexpensive Merlot or Shiraz
5 cups granulated sugar
1 bag fresh or frozen cranberries
3 cups brandy


In a large non-reactive pot bring wine, sugar and cranberries to a simmer. Cook until the cranberries start to pop. Then turn off the stove, remove from heat and let the cranberries cool in the pan. After the cranberries cool to room temperature, pour the cranberry wine mixture into a pitcher, let steep for 2-4 days. 

After 2-4 days, strain the mixture in a fine mesh sieve and stir in the brandy.  Pour into decorative bottles to share or to keep to enjoy. Cordial lasts 6 months. 

The original recipe discard the cranberries but I used mine in a chutney for the holidays. 

Do you make any homemade gifts, cordials or liqueur? If you have a favorite recipe please share. 

Have a great day!


  1. This sounds good but when is the brandy added? It's mentioned in the ingredient list but not within the directions.

    1. Thank you for pointing that out, after you strain the cranberries you stir in the brandy. Then you put it in bottles. It is delicious.

  2. I used to make homemade gifts when I did a lot of sewing, etc. Never have tasted a cordial though. You're one busy bee!

  3. That sounds lovely, especially when mixed with champagne !!!! I’m going to start wrapping in the next few days. XXXX

  4. Elizabeth, this is so pretty and that tangy cranberry taste sounds so good with champagne. I used to make a lot of quince brandy and other preserved treats. They do make great gifts, thank you for the inspiration.

  5. These colors inspire me! That deep scarlet with silver and gold...so festive!

  6. Love this idea and love all of your baskets - so much more thoughtful and heartfelt when you choose these individual things that add up to a lovely grand thing! Sending you peace, friend. xox


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