Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Christmas Cookie & Candy Board Using Finds from Your Grocery Store

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Good morning! Did you get your shopping finished yesterday at the big online sales? I did a little shopping but to be honest it was for myself since I am already finished with my Christmas list. 

Over the next few weeks many of us will be hosting, or attending holiday parties and in my world dessert is the most important food at a party. I love sweet treats and whether I am hosting or attending I always make sure to have plenty of sweet treats for the guests. 

 I bake all of the cookies and candies I serve using a mix of family favorites and a few new recipes.  Lately I have received a lot of email from people telling me they don't bake, don't know how to bake or don't like to bake so I thought I would make a dessert that anyone can make. 

I settled on a candy and cookie board, the best part is that it is as easy as gathering your favorite sweet treats and assembling them on a tray.  All of the treats came from Lidl, Aldi, the Dollar Tree and my local market. 

Holiday Candy & Cookie Board


An assortment of cookies, including sugar cookieschocolate gingerbread, stollen bites, almond crescent cookies, biscotti, chocolate chip cookies, chocolate covered wafer cookies


Get a large tray or cutting board, and a few small bowls or paper liners. Unwrap all candy and cookies and place on board in a decorative manner. This is the easy part, simply layer the cookies around the board, add a few small bowls of candy and you have the perfect dessert tray. 

You can serve this tray at your party, take one to a friend, have a candy and cookie champagne party with your friends while wrapping gifts, or even serve one on Christmas day while watching movies. 

 This tray can also be made with homemade treats and candy or a combination of homemade and purchased treats. However you choose to make it I am sure that your guests will love it. 

Make sure to get a few celophane bags so that you can bag up the leftovers for your guests to take home.

Today is giving Tuesday and if you would like to give but are unsure of where to donate here is a list of the best charities to donate to. Thank you Taste of France  for the link.

Have a great day!


  1. That is too beautiful to eat! Wow, that took quite an effort to make it so perfect I'd bet. But then you have that knack with food.

  2. Your photos are beautiful and this is the kind of thing you can have in the cupboard, ready to pull out if somebody comes over. And it looks so impressive!
    Another thing I like at this moment when people might "drop by" is to have logs of sugar cookie dough in the freezer. It takes 2 minutes to cut it into rounds and bake, and there is nothing as cozy as smelling warm cookies!!! A little sugar sprinkled on top is enough decoration.


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