Monday, January 13, 2020

Monday Musings

Good morning! Did you enjoy your weekend? I did, it was 70 here so we spent most of our time outside. The weather here as in many places has been strange this year but I am not going to complain.

I titled this post musings but perhaps a better title would have been Monday Rant, you can leave now if you don't what to read me complaining.

I have something on my mind that has been bothering me for some time...blogging. I have been blogging since 2011 and have been reading blogs since 2008; in all those years blogging has evolved from simple journal type entries to so much more. So many blogger friends have been discovered from their blogs and have gone on to write books, cookbooks, host TV shows, developed paint, lighting and clothing lines, as well as, sell their skills and talents, I personally am excited for these people. There are also bloggers who have opened on-line stores, have sponsored posts and added affiliate links to earn a few dollars to offset the cost of blogging(myself included). There are people who make enough to buy a coffee a week and those that are now million dollar bloggers.  My issue is not with the blogger but with the people who leave negative comments, mostly anonymous, about people writing sponsored posts or trying to earn a living from their blog. 

Recently I was visiting a blog that I have followed for many years, this particular person lost her husband in the last year and she has written often on her blog about the change in her financial circumstances. I was dismayed, no actually I was angry at the comments that I read that criticized her for adding sponsored posts to her blog. This lady is lovely, genuine and I believe honest in her writing about the products she posts about and it makes me so mad that people are bitchy and negative about her writing a sponsored or linked post.  They have even called her integrity into question. I might add that she already wore and used the products that she promotes for years before any started to pay her.

Sponsored posts and affiliate links are mandated to be disclosed, right at the top of the post, in clear view for anyone reading it. If a reader doesn't like it why not just skip that post? Why does a person have to leave a negative comment, don't we have enough negativity in the world? Isn't there something more important to channel your energy towards, climate change, politics, abused children, pets, or anything else rather than a person writing their opinions and posts on their own blog? If you are really bothered by something in the post why not contact them directly and in a respectful way tell them how you feel?

Full disclosure, I have had links on my blogs for years but up until last year never monetized them because I was too stupid to know that you could make money doing it.  I have always shared links of things that I use, buy, own or like, now if there there is a link on the post it is clearly stated at the top of the post. 

On another note, is anyone besides me tired of hearing about Megan and Harry, the Sussex Royals? I obviously do not know them and I do not want to pass judgment(this is my opinion) but I think their "exit" from the monarchy seems a bit disrespectful and is probably a direct result of the disrespect they believe they have received. I also think that if they really want to be "free and independent" why not have a complete break and live off the 34 million dollars they currently have? It seems to me that that are incredibly popular, and very savvy and that they will have no problem becoming financially independent and creating the life they desire.  I just don't think the British or the Canadian government should have to pay anything towards their life if they want to break from it.  I do not believe that if they are "1/2 in and 1/2 out" that any criticism, tension or stress is going to lesson, I think it might even be worse for them.

 That is my two cents, you can add yours in the comments as long as it is respectful.

Have a good day and be safe in the next storm that will be sweeping across the country this week.


  1. I agree with you on both subjects. I just skip through topics or links that don't interest me, click on the links of items I might like and ignore links if I know the price will be out of my range or not something I would buy online. As for the royals, I think they do owe the family loyalty and that means you discuss decisions with them before you make them public.

  2. Hi Elizabeth,
    This is my first time to comment on your blog. I am a long time reader here and really enjoy everything you do. All this takes time and effort and I think that making money back is a good thing for you and others. I like that you honestly recommend products, makes my shopping easier!!
    Thank you for this little spot here to come for inspiration, delicious recipes and shopping. I enjoy visiting everyday.

  3. I have certainly experienced negative comments in my time. And about monetizing my blog as well. I don't have any ads above my header so that isn't the first thing you see (I hope). If you see one let me know. If I didn't make money off my blog I would not have been able to live. I now have social security, but still need the blog ad money. If someone thinks badly about the ads, then move along I say. Everyone needs to make a living. Not interested in the royals either. They're just people when all is said and done.

  4. You said that you didn't want to pass judgement on the Sussex's, but in your comments you did. We, the public, has absolutely no idea what goes on behind closed doors, or what has been said between family members.

    1. Hello Susan, I respectfully disagree with you. I am not making a judgement I am simply making an observation that from what I have read their behavior seems disrespectful. I actually agree with you, we have no idea what goes on behind closed doors. However, I will say that I think if you have $34 million dollars and you no longer want to be a part of the "working royals" that you have "enough" to start a new life without using the tax payers money in Canada or in the UK to go off and lead a very private life. Thank you for your comment.

  5. Hi Elizabeth,
    I whole heartily agree with both subjects. I want to thank you profusely for your blog. I meant to thank all my blog friends whom take so much time out of their life for us readers. I can’t even imagine how time consuming it is to put one together. Some days it’s hard for me to respond to a text or email so again, it must be a chore to do some days. I love love your plaid blogs. Lol.
    As far as the royal saga, I think what they are doing is ghastly. They are born/married in to a world of privilege that we can only imagine. I’m sure it was tough sometimes but they should think of all the good their position could do for their country and the world. Kate seems to handle it just fine. Being in the public eye is hard but I’m sure they could have handled it better.

  6. Hi Elizabeth... I've had my share of mean comments in my eight years of blogging. The sweet comments and notes which are much more plentiful, make up for them. As far as the Royals go, I look at them as pure entertainment. And last but certainly not least, I am such a soup person. Every one looks positively delish. I sent your link to the Mister telling him I would be in heaven if he made any one of them. We are suppose to get snow (GRRR) and it would be perfect weekend to try a new soup. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

  7. I've been known to leave mean comments- but only on the pages of people who are deliberately spamming me or other blogs I read.


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