Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Life Lately- A Rant

Good morning! I am finally unpacked from my trip, the laundry is washed, dried and folded and I am settled back at home until my next trip. My husband and I were in Arizona last week visiting the grandkids who moved back this past summer to the states from Argentina. We had a great time hiking in the mountains, playing with the kids and grand-pup and of course enjoying their parents as well. Since arriving home Thursday it has been a little chaotic because the house is still for sale and while we were out of town we didn't want to have anyone coming in and out so all of the viewings that were scheduled were rescheduled for Friday, Saturday, Sunday and tonight. Selling a house is a lot like being on social media, it is not for the faint of heart. You may think you have a nice house but everyone that comes through has something to say about it and more often than not what they have to say is not nice. The house is on line and in addition to the 50 photos there is a walk through video of the entire house and yet we get comments like; the yard is too small, or its too big, we don't like crepe myrtle trees, we really wanted palm trees, we wanted 6 bedrooms and you only have 5, we don't like your white kitchen with African mahogany island because we are looking for a blue kitchen with white marble, we wanted a pool and you don't have one, we don't like hardwood floors, but we would love to buy your furniture, art and some of your clothes. My first question is, did you actually look at my house and all 50 photos in-line? And my second question is wouldn't it be nicer to say, " this isn't the house for us" rather than telling me all of the things that you were looking for but I am not offering?

 I am in the process of looking for a house and guess what, I don't waste time on houses that are not a "fit" for me and I am certainly open to changing things. After all who doesn't put their own stamp on the house they are living in? If I want a 3 bedroom house I am not looking at houses that are 6 bedrooms, if I want a ranch I am not looking at 2 story houses. I can also see past the walls and walls of wallpaper, the cherry cabinets, and the the jungle mural painted on the walls I just can't figure out why the last few people who have come to view my house can't do the same. 

Ok, enough about my house woes I am sure the right offer will come along and I will find my new dream house soon. 

I hope that you have a great day!



  2. I guess some people have nothing better to do. I say the same thing about my blog. If you don't like something, move on. There are many blogs out there for you to choose from. You don't need to critique everything in a chastising or hateful voice. No, selling and buying a house is not for the faint of heart. I think I'd rather rent. Do you think maybe all those shows that are about real estate maybe hasn't spoiled people to think every wish they have will suddenly come to fruition?

    1. I think you are absolutely right Brenda, HGTV has created a culture of automatic satisfaction. I might add that we have remodeled 4 baths, 1 kitchen, painted inside and out, re-landscaped, new appliances and HVAC in this house.

  3. I can totally relate to this. We had our house on market, and it became so tedious. At first, we were thrilled to have showings. But later, I hated it. And we had the same questions as you, are you not doing your research? Are you not reading the description and looking at the photos? We kept our house clean on a regular basis (or at least much more cleaner than we did before putting the house on the market). But there would still be so many frantic last minute things to do before the showing. It's very annoying to have people come for no good reason. That being said...I can imagine myself doing the same if we went looking for houses before putting ours on market. Well, because I did that with open houses. Just quickly skimmed and then went for a visit. At least then, though, the house wasn't being cleaned specifically for us.

  4. Same thing here. Our house is on the market and the people who have visited are unhappy that there aren't more bedrooms. They all want to do B&Bs. But did they not see the size of the house and count the number of bedrooms on the listing? It's a small house! Then they moan that it's so beautiful, but it's just too small. I think, well, the other things that are on the market around here are the same size house, with the same size yard, maybe not a pool (which we have, with a locking cover for security), maybe with one more bedroom but then all the rooms would be I guarantee you all the others are fugly AF. If you want 8 bedrooms and sweeping views of vineyards and huge grounds and a pool and and and...well it's going to cost far more than our place because our house is small. Gorgeous, but small.
    I think they see the photos, realize that it's gorgeous, and cross their fingers that they can make it work for the number of bedrooms (also bathrooms, which are two, very small/efficient and 50% more than my much-bigger family had when I was growing up). Then they see that, no, there's no badly used space to convert into more bedrooms, and it won't cut it as a B&B. But if they looked at the photos, they would have seen it. Plus, a little math!!!!
    At least open houses aren't a thing here. And when I was searching for our AirBnBs, visiting more than 80 properties, I learned that nobody cleans for prospective buyers. Chill. No, I don't chill. I clean, I stage, throwing everything personal into drawers and closets.

  5. Regarding the point Brenda brought up - oh yes, in my opinion, HGTV (which started out in such a wonderful way in the initial years) has really turned the property/house hunting/home decor
    markets topsy turvy! Young people today expect everything to be perfect and just what they want!

    Meanwhile I'm here in the midst of my master bedroom makeover in a small, older, but much-loved home which probably would only be purchased, razed, and replaced with another of the million dollar houses going up around our neighborhood!

    Enjoyed this post Elizabeth - hope you have seen my email.

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