Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Day 10: 10 Cakes to Make for Easter

Good morning friends, how are you? I am well, I had a moment yesterday though on my way home from the pharmacy. I was moved to tears when I spotted on the lawn of a Mesonic Temple, spelled out in huge plywood letters, "HOPE IS NOT LOST." Four words to offer comfort and hope to all who drive by. 

I know that there are many struggling to put food on their tables, to pay their rent, those who are laying in bed at night wondering about their business and their retirement funds, and of course all of us who are worried about our families, friends and of course our own health. It is hard not to loose hope when you watch the news; stay strong my friends, cling to hope, your family, friends, God and whatever else you need to get through these tough times. We are in this together and we will make it.

Sunday is Easter, although it doesn't feel like it. I was contemplating as to wether or not we should go all out and celebrate as we normally do. I was leaning toward a low key celebration, and then I thought about it; Easter is the most important day of the year in the Catholic church, and although we will not be able to go to mass, the resurrection of Jesus is worthy of a huge celebration, even if it is just for two. 

Here are 10 cakes to make whatever size celebration you are having.


  1. Great cakes - I must try that coconut one some day! Bob and I love carrot cake too and I make it often (and muffins) as I figure it's healthy!!!!
    I'm planning Victoria Sponge Cake for Easter- and of course we'll miss going out but feel safer at home!

    Stay well Elizabeth - hugs, Mary

  2. Now this is a really hard decision...wouldn't it be marvelous to see a sideboard just filled with all of these beautiful cakes....oh my goodness....Happy Easter Elizabeth!


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