Thursday, April 9, 2020

Day 11: Hot Cross Buns, Bread and More

Good morning. I hope that you are well friends and keeping yourself busy. It is Holy Week and I although this year it is different than any other year I am still celebrating by watching mass online and preparing for Easter. 

Every year for Easter I make hot cross buns and have experimented with several recipes over the years, my favorites are the ones with no raisins, or currants. Typically I like them plain, with chocolate chips or chocolate. Here are 10 recipes that you might want to try this year if you can obtain some flour, I understand that in many areas they are out of flour. 

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  1. Easter will sure be different for families with children this year. Last year Andrew came over and his mom hid eggs in my container plants for him to find. Children won't be having group Easter egg hunts. That's really sad. But good food should make everyone feel better!


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