Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Day 3 of 30: Love Your Neighbors

Good morning! I hope that you are well friends. It was fun to read about your favorite places to travel yesterday, and to see that many of us enjoy the same cities. May I ask, how are you coping? Are you keeping yourself busy? Are you sticking to your routine? Both are very important so stick to it. 

As we dig in, it is important to remember that not everyone has someone looking after or out for them, perhaps you have an elderly neighbor or young family that could use a little help? A kind word, a meal, maybe a pile of books and magazines to life their spirits?

This week I have been baking and making extra meals for my neighbors. I also made a few boxes of treats to send to family and friends, each box contains their favorite treats just so they know that even though I am not there with them I am thinking of them.

Another thing that I am doing is sending letters and cards. My mother-in-law is 93 and she has not left the house for the last three weeks, any time someone comes to the house they wave from the door and set the food, mail or gifts just inside the door. I try to call her every other day and although she sounds great I know that somedays she is struggling because she tells me that she hasn't left her bed. I know that she loves snail mail so I thought it would be nice for her to receive a card or a note for the next 30 days. Every morning before I go on my walk I write a card and drop it in the mail on my way. She should be getting her first card in a day or two and I think she will love them. 

Other things you can do are donate blood, make a donation to your local food bank or homeless shelter, volunteer to make meals for students that are missing meals and you could also purchase gift cards from your favorite local restaurant, hair salon, bakery or store to help keep them in business. 

Remember to take care of yourself as well otherwise you will not have the energy to help others. If you are lonely, depressed or need anything please reach out to family, friends, neighbors or even me. I will do whatever I can to help you.  

I hope that you have a great day, stay safe and remember, we are all in this together. 


  1. You're such a kind and considerate person! Yes, these days we really need to extend a hand and show what we're made of.

  2. Oh Elizabeth .... you are doing such lovely things for people .. I put my back out last week so haven’t been doing much but it should be better by next week and then I can be of help and do a lot more. Maybe when this is all over we will all be a lot kinder, less selfish and think of others more. Take care. XXXX


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