Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Finding Joy in the Ordinary

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Good morning friends! How was your holiday weekend? Did you enjoy time at the beach, have a burger at a bbq, or maybe spend time enjoying the ocean? Holidays and frankly daily life is just different now days, even though states are opening back up. 

Recently, a friend asked on her Facebook page, what in your ordinary life brings you joy? I've always found great joy in "the little things" but this question made me wonder now that we are sheltering at home do you find more or less joy in the ordinary?

I think I appreciate the ordinary so much more, especially since so many things are now off limits because of covid. 

Here are a few things ordinary things that bring me joy.

Early morning walks. 

Sitting on my front porch with my two pups, my husband and a cup of hot chocolate. 

The smell of cinnamon rolls takes me right back to the side of my grandmother. 

The first peonies of the season. Their bright pink petals, soft like silk, are the harbinger of summer here. 

When I go home to visit, my mom and I take a drive every night, we talk and laugh, listen to music or we just look at our favorite houses. In the winter we love to look at the holiday lights. 

I LOVE snow, it makes me so happy to see a vast expanse with no footprints. My favorite winter activity, besides snowshoeing, is shoveling the snow at night. The winter quiet is so peaceful. 

Dinner parties with good friends. 

Watching the birds out my window eating at the feeder. Or the bunnies frolicking in the morning

Getting a card or a letter in the mail.  

A good book, you know that rare one that is so good you stay up all night reading it and find yourself still reading with the sun coming up? 

A zoom call with family every Friday where we share stories, pets and have a cocktail together. 

Do you find joy in the ordinary Would you share some of the ordinary things you do that bring you joy?

Have a happy and safe day. 


  1. You and me both. Beautiful quote. No, joy is not a constant. It is the little moments that make up life.

  2. I just love your list of 'ordinary things' dear Elizabeth, and some are also on my own list! Hoping we can share in some when life is back to normal - well as near normal as possible!!!!
    Lucky me though had an 'extraordinary moment' today and have you to thank for that!
    Hugs always, Mary


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