Saturday, August 8, 2020

Decorating with Herbs & Flowers

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Herbs Flowers

Good Saturday morning friends! This summer I have been the lucky recipient of a lot of herbs from both my community yoga garden and from my neighbor. So I have been experimenting with herbs in savory dishes, sweet treats and beverages; consequently I have a lot of herbs sitting around in jars. I decided that instead of letting them go to waste I would try my hand at making a few arrangements. 

I am not a florist by any means but trust me when I say that anyone can make a beautiful herb and flower arrangement.  I made a few with what I had on hand and I think they turned out pretty well. 

The first is a free form and rustic looking arrangement made with all of the herbs including rosemary, coriander, cilantro, and mint. First I removed all of the leaves from the bottom of the stalks so that they would not be in the water, then I played around with them, adding layers of height and texture until they looked like I wanted and then I tucked them in a Mason jar and placed it on the kitchen island. 

The second arrangement I added springs of mint to the hydrangeas from my yard. First I trimmed and arranged the flowers in my hand, then I tied them with a rubber-band so they would stay in place, next I filled the vase with warm water, then added the flowers. After finding the side of the bouquet that I like the best I added the mint. I made sure to add a few taller pieces as well as some trailing pieces of mint so that it looked a little like a vine snaking its way through the hydrangeas. 

And last but not least I made a small posy of my favorite herbs, basil and mint. I simply placed spring of each in a small cup adding or subtracting until I like the size and shape, then I added water and placed the cup inside the white porcelain container. 

You can make arrangements with just the herbs, you could add them to wild flowers that you find along your morning walk or add them to flowers from your garden or grocery store. The great things is that they look beautiful, are inexpensive, they last a long time( as long as you change the water frequently) and they bring a little summer to each room in the house. 

Add an arrangement to your front porch, your kitchen island, dinner or bedside table this week and lme know how you enjoyed it!

Have a happy and safe weekend. 


  1. I love adding herbs to my florals too Elizabeth - look pretty and smell wonderful.
    Hope your weekend is going well.
    Mary x

    1. I think they are the least expensive way to add a little color and greens to your arrangements. I hope that you are well Mary.

  2. Herbs smell so nice in an arrangement too! Lovely job!


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