Friday, August 7, 2020

Friday Favorites

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Good morning friends! How are you, how was your week? It was a wacky one here, thankfully we have power, I am so sorry for the many that are still without and will be for several more days or weeks. Even though we are living in strange times I still look forward to the weekend, do you or does one day just run into the next? If you feel like that you must take time to slow down and relax on the weekend, don't feel like you have to work just because you are stuck at home. 

I feel like I could use a little comfort food this week so that is what I am sharing. I hope that you find something to enjoy. 



Skillet 4 Cheese Pasta

 or maybe this 4 Cheese Baked Skillet Pasta from How Sweet Eats instead?

Summer Corn and Cotijo Cheese Dip from  Minimalist Baker would be the perfect appetizer at a bbq. 

I've made these Raspberry Almond Bars four times in the last few weeks and they are delicious. 


I love books as do many of you who read the blog but I love to read books that are not new or on the best seller list. Sometimes I pick them for their covers and am pleasantly surprised by the stories and other times I recognize the title from somewhere, a friend telling me about it, reading about it in a magazine or on another blog. One of my favorite things to do is to look for books at the used bookstore or 1/2 Price Books when I am am traveling or browsing the thrift stores. Where do you look and find books to read, aside from the library?

Click the book photo or the link if you are interested in the books. 

The Venetian by Lina Ellina( Free on Kindle Unlimited)

Old World Italian by Mimi Thorisson Released on September 15th and I cannot wait!


It is never too early for plaid! This light weight throw is perfect for cool nights. 

That is it for this week, I hope that you share your finds from the week. Did you particularly enjoy a podcast or an article that you think we might enjoy, if so please share! 

Have a happy and safe weekend. 


  1. I enjoyed your post and appreciate the articles and book suggestions. The article about the abandoned child helping senior dogs was great!

  2. Oh my! Those biscuits! I believe you asked me who moved my blog from Blogger to Wordpress and I answered your question where you asked it in my blog comments. Moonsteam Design.


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