Tuesday, August 11, 2020

The Happiness Report No. 5

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 Good morning friends! How are you? I am happy and feeling peaceful. Summer, although different than other summers has been relaxing, and fun. Although we canceled our trips, and we "stuck-at home" we have taken a few road trips to towns and places near us that we probably never would have visited. We were able to "garden" and reap the benefits without having to do the planting and most of the weeding. I've spent many hours in the morning with my latest read and a cup of hot chocolate on the porch and the same book and a tea or a cocktail in the afternoon. I've enjoyed walking for hours while listening to podcasts in the early morning and my soul is refreshed on the days I am back in my yoga studio. Nightly Zoom yoga with my mom and sister and Zoom cocktails on Friday have allowed us to catch up daily and to laugh and tell stories at the end of the week. I've been taking online classes including MasterClass and YesChef. And although we did not move as we had planned we have taken on some projects that we were going to do if we stayed and I am in the process of "moving in" to the house again. I decided that I am changing a few things up, around and making use of every room in the house instead of letting rooms dictate their purpose. I love me new treasures, and my old ones in new places. I cannot wait to see what my next chapter will look like in this house. 

What is making you happy lately?


  1. Happy you are happy dear - you do sound busy doing fun things.
    These days are often full of despair - especially when I try to imagine traveling again. I've felt really homesick for England this past week - I usually do get this way when 1) the southeast summer weather gets me down 2) I look through old photos/blog posts and see us enjoying cooler/comfy summer days in Devon! Maybe I should stop doing the second - but it does pass the time.
    I'm reading the great books you shared - usually at night - I would sit outside but it's so humid and the insects are rampant!
    Your ideas for 'new' rooms sound fun - do share with us as you make changes, I know they will be awesome.

    Mary x



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