Monday, September 28, 2020

The Happiness Report No. 11

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Good morning friends! How are you? How was your weekend? Mine was busy, chaotic, and fun. 

Happiness Quote

 As a child we never had any pets, one year on Halloween while trick or treating, a family we knew gave us a puppy that we promptly fell in love with and named Snoopy. Sadly my dad decided that because we were soon to move a puppy was not what we needed, so back to his home Snoopy went. 

Over the years we had fish and even hamsters but never a puppy. I mentioned to my husband many times that I wanted a dog and he always said no because we travel too much and don't have time. Then one year for Christmas he brought me home a tiny red dachshund with whom we fell in love and named Munchen, after one of our favorite cities. 

For 13 years I had my sweet and what I thought would be my only dachshund, then when she was 6 years old, we decided to get her a companion to keep her company in her old age. We found an excellent breeder of show dogs and waited 7 years before a dog became available. I should say that over the 7 years other dogs became available but we were very particular about the dog we wanted, red, female and "pet quality." 

dachshund pups

After 7 years the breeder felt badly for us and she offered us a 6 month old pup that had a slight overbite, her name was Paris. We felt like it was fate because Paris is another one of our favorite cities, so we picked her up and brought her home for Munchen to have as a companion. Unfortunately, Munchen was 13, partially blind, slightly deaf, had Cushing's disease and was definitely spoiled and set in her ways and wanted nothing to do with Paris. 

Pisa the dachshund

 Once again we went back the breeder to see if we could find a companion for Paris, luckily there was a pup available, a red, female. God had other plans; Hope the red dachshund had a hip problem so she went to live as a service dog to a lady with a chronic disease. Our breeder offered us her pick of the litter, a small black and tan. Not what we wanted but we decided to take her. 

Pisa is the sweetest pup I've ever met, in so many ways she is like a child. She is the total opposite of Paris who is a sophisticated, stuck-up, show dog. Where Paris is sleek and trim, Pisa is short, stalky and has ears like Dumbo. They kept each other company and offered comfort and support to Muchen before she passed 5 years ago. Although we love these two we always felt as if we had room for one more and this weekend we picked her up. 

Patches is not red, and she is not a black and tan but a dappled dachshund and this little pup has already captured our hearts. 

I wish I could say that Paris and Pisa welcomed her with open paws but it hasn't been that easy. I think that they will all get used to one another but in the meantime I am bribing them with lots of treats and keeping Patches as close to me as possible. 

Dachshund puppy dappled

Welcome to the family Patches, we love you!

Have a wonderful day friends. 


  1. Oh my, Patches is absolutely the cutest Dachshund I've ever seen, so adorable!
    Your photo of her is perfect with the brightly patterned fleece throw, and the sparkle in her eyes. You need to frame that one! You and hubby have certainly had some interesting doggies over the years - and Dachshunds are really sweet pets I'm sure.

    Will e-mail later - hugs X

  2. Oh, what a cutie! I'd never had a puppy until we got our dachshund, Tilde. I was looking at a litter and I fell in love with her funny little face. She's a quirky little dog but she's loving. Patches looks like a sweetie.

  3. I think that might be the darned cutest pup I've ever laid eyes on! Never seen one like that before.

  4. Just adore the name Patches....such a cutie. I am sure she will win them over soon. Patience Patches...xx


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