Monday, October 26, 2020

Happiness Report No. 15

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It's the little things in life that make us happy. 


Good morning friends! How was your weekend? Did you get any snow? Sadly we did not. The weather was beautiful and sunny one minute and then rainy and about 25 degrees cooler the next. Honestly, I am ok with that,  I want to fall asleep with the windows open, I want to wear my sweaters and slippers and flannel pjs.

Saturday is Halloween, can you believe it is already the end of October. They haven't canceled trick or treat here so I have lots of candy to give to whomever turns up. It makes me smile thinking of the many years that my siblings and I went trick or treating and then home to sort and barter with one another for our favorites. I used to love Twix, Butterfinger and Snicker bars, I don't think I've had one of them in 30 years, I wonder if they taste the same? Now I am partial to Reese's Peanut-butter pumpkins.

Aside from the weather it was a crazy weekend here. Patches our new pup has us on our toes every minute of the day and sometimes gets herself into trouble. Up until this weekend it was all minor things but on Saturday she was in the garage with me and she licked a puddle of Round-up, the bottle said it wasn't toxic for pets, poison control said otherwise. So we induced vomiting and she proceeded to be sick for the next 4 hours. Poor thing was miserable, as were we. I think I washed 5 loads of blankets and towels in between carrying her around inside my sweatshirt. Thankfully she is ok and she woke this morning with a bounce in her step and proceeded the rest of the day as her mischievous self. Which included pestering her sister Pisa, who is still not too sure about her, resulting in getting nipped at, growled at and pounced on, but she kept going back for more. 

My husband is having a series of business meetings in town this week with his team and lucky for me they asked for some sweet treats so I spent all day Sunday baking breads, making brownies and having fun in the kitchen. I even made acorn cakelets using my favorite pan from William Sonoma, this year I discovered they have a Pinecones and Acorns  pan, clearly that has my name written all over it. 

The kitchen is my happy place, my other happy place is sitting anywhere with a good book( currently reading The Cookbook Club). Where is your happy place?

I sorted out my Christmas closet and I have my trees and decorations sitting at the ready. I am changing things up this year and one of my trees is going to be all homemade ornaments and preserved fruits.  I have 4 trees, 3 small and one large one that we have in the bedroom. I think I might put one or two small ones up after Halloween, not necessarily decorated but with lots and lots of lights to add a little cheer to the shorter days. 

Speaking of Christmas, do you have small children or grandchildren? If so this bookThe Spider Who Saved Christmas looks like a great addition to your Christmas book collection. 

If you have any Christmas book suggestions I would love to hear about them for kids or adults. 

Have a great day friends, stay safe. 

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