Monday, November 30, 2020

The Happiness Report No.20

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It's the little things that bring the most happiness.

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Good Monday morning friends, how was your Thanksgiving? Our weekend was almost perfect, it would have been perfect if sitting around the table on Thanksgiving were our family and friends, but that was not to be so we made the best of the situation at hand. My husband and I both decided that we were not going to work from Wednesday thru Saturday, we were simply going to cook, bake, read and enjoy some much needed relaxation. It was fabulous. 

Wednesday we prepped for Thanksgiving dinner and I will say that even though we were cooking for 2 it was no different than if we were cooking for 20, we still made every side dish( to include two kinds of stuffing/dressing, potatoes, rolls, cranberry chutney, turkey and vegetables) that we like and all of the desserts as well( pumpkin pie and apple slab). Then we read by the light of the fire and the Christmas tree with pups curled on us or around us. 

Thursday we were up and out for a walk in the mist and fog before the rain started. Then it was on to cooking and smoking the turkey. While my husband was in and out tending the turkey I put the finishing touches on the Christmas decorations and laid the dinner table while watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in the background.  We had numerous calls and texts all day long from our siblings, about the status of our meals, where we were at in our preparations and what the final meal looked like. Although I was a little down in the morning because all of the plans that we had to see my family were canceled it was fun to keep up with one another virtually. It was the first time in our lives, all 4 of my siblings and I were separated for a holiday. We have been very blessed over the years that at least 2 or three of use are together and this separation made us savor the memories of those times all the more.

Friday found us on another long walk and then back at home, me shopping online and wrapping gifts and my husband reading. I finished all of my shopping and wrapping and all of the parcels are in boxes ready to be shipped along with all of the treats that I made on Saturday and Sunday. 

I made 6 batches of caramel corn, 3 batches of fairy food, 6 dozen sugar cookies, 6 dozen rugelach,  1 pan of brownies, 1 pan of magic bars, 1 pan of blondies, 3 dozen chocolate covered Oreo and last but not least 3 dozen mini- Minced meat pies. After I ship this out I will be starting all over again for another shipment to other family members and friends. It is my absolute favorite thing to do at Christmas! I cannot wait to wake up and bake knowing that I will be sending a little bit of me to someone that I love. 

Yesterday was the first day of Advent and now it feels like the rest of the year will go by in a blur so I am going to savor every minute. After-all, this is "the most wonderful time of the year" and it is my favorite time of the year, there are Christmas movies to watch, books to revisit including A Vintage ChristmasA Christmas Carol,  The Life & Adventure's of Santa by L. Frank Baum, carols to sing and traditions to carry on. 

Life is different these days my friends and it is so easy to let that define your days, don't let it! Look for the good in every single day, even if it just a moment. If you miss your family and friends and who doesn't than get on the phone, text them, Whats App or Zoom them. No it is not the same as being together but at this moment it is all we have so take advantage of the technology, it is a blessing. Make new traditions with your immediate family, enjoy life as it is because I promise you that one day, who knows when, you will be so busy when we return to normal that you will be wishing for this time. 

Tell me, what are your plans for the holidays? Do you have a real tree, will you be baking, having a virtual cookie exchange, what are you going to do to celebrate?

Have a great day! Be safe. 


  1. Good Morning Elizabeth...your life these days sound very similar to ours....these days are certainly strange but we all must find joy in the moments....hoe delightful to read about your Thanksgiving and holiday home.

  2. I bet your house smells delightful with all that baking!


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